The Olde Towne Civic League has several volunteer opportunities open. If you are looking for a way to enrich the neighborhood and meet your neighbors,  VOLUNTEER! Please email us with the appropriate subject title at info@staging-oldetownecivicleague.kinsta.cloud, if there is an opportunity that interests you and fits your skill set! Our members play a vital role in promoting Olde Towne’s community spirit. We look forward to working with you. 

The Beautification Committee cares for our parks, plants our beautiful flowers, and coordinates neighborhood clean-ups. Committee chairman John Joyce is passionate about cultivating our outdoor spaces. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, this committee could use help with beautification projects. 

Doors, Porches & Gardens Tour Chairperson
Doors, Porches, & Gardens walking tour showcases the hidden gems and secret gardens in Olde Towne’s lovely historic neighborhood. Committee members plan and coordinate this biennial event. The next tour is planned for Spring 2021. This event needs someone to Chair and lead the coordination. Past Chair, Dawn Richardson will be available to assist with this event. 

Historic Lecture Series Committee Members
Are you interested in the history of Olde Towne and want to share our story with others? We’re looking for committee members to help develop a lecture series program about Olde Towne. Committee members are responsible for developing the program with the Chairperson, securing speakers, and coordinating the event. 

League Logo Design Committee Members
The league is working to refresh our existing lamp post logo and branding. Those with design, graphic design, and/or marketing experience are invited to join this committee led by Nick Mueller. Our goal is maintain the essence of Olde Towne Civic League and capture our mission going forward. 

Olde Towne Crier Newsletter Production Editor
Our community newsletter is published 2-3 times a year and is distributed by Square Captains. Robin Altice launched our newsletter in 2019 and it has been well-received by neighbors. It reaches our neighbors that may not know about the league or don’t access the internet. The Production Editor will assist with the layout, content, printing, and distribution of the newsletter. Someone with writing and graphic design skills is a plus! Our newsletter is also published online, you can find a copy here.

Square Captains Chairperson
It’s hip to be square in Olde Towne! Square Captains represent a neighborhood square to communicate with neighbors about Olde Towne Civic League events and news. Chair Robin Altice developed this community effort and successfully launched this program with almost all Captain posts filled. Robin is looking for a co-chair who will eventually take over the position as chair.