Walking Tour: Armistead House, 329 North Street

Armistead House, aka First U.S. Navy Nursing School for Portsmouth Naval Hospital, aka Elks Lodge, aka Doctor Madblood's Castle

An impressive example of Romanesque Revival architecture is this home built in 1898 for Mrs. Laura Armistead.
This home has gone through many iterations in its 122 year existence: After being home to the Armistead family for 35 years, it became the first U.S. Navy Nursing school for Portsmouth Naval Hospital in 1917, the Elks Lodge in 1933 when the back auditorium section was added which held many dances and cotillions. In the 1960s, the exterior of the home was used as the imaginary castle of Doctor Madblood in the TV show “Friday Night Frights” (locals sometimes still refer to this home as Madblood’s Castle).
The home finally converted to apartments in the 1970s and has been such since then.
On your walk, be sure to check out the many architectural details on the turret of this beautiful building.
PS: Doctor Madblood himself has a Facebook page if you want to see his recent frights!